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Transfer Tapes

Designed to be applied to several types of materials including plastics, aluminum, brass, glass and much more. Johnson Plastics Plus offers a wide selection of transfer tapes to meet your application's length, width, tack and solvent level requirements.


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  1. Item # B17D
    This permanent mounting tape is perfect for adhering permanent signs into frames or onto smooth walls.
    / RL
  2. Item # B17M
    This semi-permanent mounting tape is perfect for adhering signs into frames or onto smooth surfaces.
    / RL
  3. Item # TT330121617
    This Heavy Duty Mounting Tape is thin and designed to be used for inlay and mounting projects that require an extremely thin adhesion material. Available in 3" x 55yd, 6" x 55yd, 12" x 55yd and 12" x 110yd rolls.
    $40.63 - $354.37
    / RL
  4. Item # SHT330
    Specifically designed to be applied to plastics, aluminum, brass and glass before cutting or shearing. Long-aging adhesive system provides a solid, permanent bond.
    / EA
  5. Item # T34712
    A great value for the money tape. High tack, high performance pressure sensitive tape with excellent holding power, quick stick, and is heat and plasticizer resistance. Bonds to aluminum, brass, plastics and acrylics. No gumming when cutting with a shear.
    / RL
  6. Item # T4154151
    A 4-mil thick acrylic adhesive tape. Temperature resistance to 150 degrees. High tack adhesion to paper and other surfaces. Available in 1/2" x 36yd and 1" x 36yd roll sizes.
    $20.39 - $33.99
    / RL
  7. Item # T467MP21224
    A 2-mil thick acrylic adhesive tape. Temperature resistance to 300 degrees. Moisture proof. Great for harsh environments. Available in 2" x 60yd, 12" x 60yd, and 24" x 60yd roll sizes.
    $46.25 - $477.51
    / RL
  8. Item # T46812312
    A 5-mil thick acrylic adhesive tape. Moisture stable with a silicone treated paper liner with easy release characteristics. Available in 1/2," 1," 2," 3," and 12" wide rolls.
    $19.26 - $368.23
    / RL
  9. Item # BB92612
    The 3M Scotch ATG 926 tape bonds particularly well to ABS and Acrylic plastics as well as a variety of other plastics and metals. It has a high temperature performance and is chemical, solvent, humidity and moisture resistant.
    / EA
  10. Item # LBUD9502
    For bonding ADA applique to substrates
    / EA

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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