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Sublimation Professionals

Sublimation Professionals

Kevin Lumberg

Kevin Lumberg

Sublimation Sales Manager

Specializes in Large and Small Format Sublimation Sale and Technical Support.

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 952-887-5737

Email: kevinl@johnsonplastics.com

Dusty Houk

Dusty Houk

Sublimation Support

Small Format Sublimation Technical Support

Location: Dallas, TX

Phone: 800-869-7800

Email: productsupport@jpplus.com

Johnson Plastics Plus offers special package pricing on all sublimation systems, please contact a sublimation professional at 855-4DYESUB for pricing and support.

100% Financing Available

A Sublimation Professional can assist you troubleshoot any sublimation related computer issues by gaining access to your computer. To do this you need to request support from a Sublimation Professional at 855-4DYESUB (855-439-3782). Once you click the link and install the support software, the Sublimation Professional will provide you with the information so they can access your system.

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