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Skilled Johnson Plastics Plus personnel take pride in producing custom fabricated plastics and metals made to your specifications. Using the finest materials and equipment available, our finished products consistently meet or exceed industry standards.


Pricing schedules that appear in this website are based to a large degree on material costs at the time of catalog printing and are subject to change without notice. Please check on current pricing when placing an order. We reserve the right to adjust prices as necessary to deal with unique situations.


Since all fabricated materials are processed on a per order basis, please allow a minimum of 2 to 3 working days for the completion of an average sized order. Orders which require large quantities, non-stock materials or an excessive amount of special handling may take longer to complete.


When multiple discounts apply to the same item, the discounted price should be calculated in two steps. For example, the cost of 1000 pieces of cut engraving plastic with no bevel should be figured at list price, less 20%, then less 10%; NOT list price less 30%.


All orders for fabricated materials are custom made to your specifications. Our policy, therefore, is that these materials are not returnable. Please double-check your information to assure that you are providing us with complete and accurate specifications for processing your order. We in turn will do our best at following the instructions that you give us.


All fabrication orders are subject to a quantity variance of +/-10%. This is based on sheet yield to minimize waste and to keep the per piece price down for our customers. Any underruns will not affect quantity discounts and pricing will be based on the amount of pieces you ordered. If your job requires an exact amount of pieces, please advise the customer service representative at the time of order. Please be aware that requests for exact amounts may result in an upcharge on that order.


JP reserves the right to change prices on specific fabrication orders - based on yield. For no bevel deduct 10% from prices shown (except on pieces over 50 sq. in. or on computer cut pieces). Special sizes and thicknesses will be quoted upon request and may incur a set-up charge. Custom fabricated plates cannot be returned.

MINIMUM ORDER $10.00 per line item. Prices subject to change without notice due to manufacturer material price increases.

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