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Cleaning Accessories

The Laser Optic Cleaning products are designed to gently and effectively clean your laser's coated optics. Use the Laser Optics Dusting Spray to remove debris prior to final cleaning of the optics using the Laser optics Cleaning solution and Tissues. The dusting spray does not contain flourocarbons and is not harmful to the ozone and sensitive optics and electronics.


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  1. Item # LBXUS004
    Laser Optic Cleaning Tissue (50/Pkg)
    / EA
  2. Item # LBXUS005
    Laser Optic 1oz Spray Cleaning Solution
    / EA
  3. Item # LBXUS006
    Laser Optic 4oz Dusting Spray
    / EA
  4. Item # LBXUS012
    Laser Optic Cleaning Swabs (20/Pkg)
    / PKG
  5. Item # LBXUS016
    Laser Optic Cleaning Kit (Cleaning Tissue, Dusting Spray & Cleaning Solution)
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  6. Item # LUS013
    Leather Finish helps shine and condition your leather with a flexible, durable acrylic finish.
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  7. Item # SUS013
    Add the final touch to your acrylic products with Novus 1 Cleaner. Leaves a bright and shiny surface while removing residue.
    / EA
  8. Item # SUS014
    Remove light scratches from acrylic with Novus 2 Polisher.
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  9. Item # SUS022
    A slightly more abrasive formula than Novus 2 Acrylic Polisher, Novus 3 will work well to remove scratches and hazing in acrylic products.
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  10. Item # SUS020
    The Acrylic Cloth eliminates static on acrylic and plastics using a special non-abrasive conductive filament.
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10 Item(s)

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