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What is UV-LED Printing?

Great question! UV-LED printing offers instant curing of a digitally printed image, with the ability to print onto a WIDE variety of printable media. With instant curing, it is possible to achieve a unique layered texture, or raised printing effect, providing a dimensional (tactile) print. UV-LED Printing is environmentally friendly, with minimal emissions and low energy consumption.

What is UV-LED Curing?

UV curing references the photopolymerization process that uses UV energy to change a liquid to a solid. Upon absorption of the UV energy, the photoinitiator (PI) produces free radicals which initiate cross-linking with binders (monomers and oligomers), in a polymerization reaction to cure or solidify the ink. WHAT! WHO CARES? What is important is what you can do with UV LED printer technology.

What can I print with a UV-LED Printer?

Just about anything! UV-LED Printers can print on a wide variety of media including: acrylic, glass, metal, powder coated media, polystyrene, PVC, wood, ABS, art board and canvas, a variety of vinyl and many additional RIGID and FLEXIBLE media.

UV-LED inks allows for instant curing with strong adhesion and weatherability for lasting and durable prints. Although adhesion promoters are advised for some media, many can be printed easily without any additional preparation.

Advantages of UV-LED Technology?

UV-LED Ink is Versatile!

  • Compatible with a wide range of media… droplets of UV ink are cured by UV lights quickly after they land on the surface of the media, leaving almost no time for the droplets to react or be absorbed by the media. This virtually eliminates any ink and media compatibility issue, making the UV ink compatible with a wide variety of coated and uncoated media.
  • UV ink absolutely never dries in the print head! UV ink does not contain solvent that must evaporate during the curing phase. UV ink is liquid ink and does not evaporate, instead, it quickly becomes a solid ink within 0.02 seconds after it receives exposure to strong UV-light.
  • When printing with a UV-LED printer no material is evaporated or removed, which means about 100% of the delivered volume of UV ink that is printed is used to provide coloration. This can guarantee UV inks to produce very vibrant image at high resolution.
  • UV ink becomes 100% percent solid and does not release dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Achieve, vibrant, consistent color prints with UV inks!
  • Fast Print Process. UV ink becomes solid very quickly, which leads to instant drying that results in a completely cured graphic in a matter of seconds. This also allows for a very fast print process.
  • Fast Curing Speeds. With a UV Printer, the ink is dry the moment it comes off the press. No more waiting for the ink to dry.
  • UV inks are more resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and sun exposure than its traditional printing counterparts.
  • The scratch resistance of UV ink is much better than eco solvent ink.
  • UV ink is waterproof ink and no need to laminate for outdoor use.


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