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iColor Supplies

# 1 Heat Transfer Printer – iColor 600

Check out our new high-speed, toner-based transfer printer with full color + white over/under print capabilities in ONE single pass. Perfect for printing in-house promotional and marketing materials including t-shirts, stationery, banners, signs and more!


Heat transfer printing offers a means of transferring a design to a substrate using an intermediate step. In the heat transfer printing process, a design is printed in reverse directly onto a special release paper using toner-based ink. The image is then placed onto a desired substrate and placed into a heat press (typically at 300°F) and pressed for a set time. After the substrate has cooled, the release paper is peeled away and the image will have been transferred to the object. The end result is a decorated finished product.

What can you do with an iColor® 500 and 600 Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer?


UniNet iColor Brochure

Additional Instructions and Videos

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Support Videos

Uninet iColor TransferRIP Instructional Video #1

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