New Engraving Products

New Rowmark Digicam

Rowmark DigiCam

Johnson Plastics has added new Digicam patterns to the LaserMax product line! Perfect for military award and recognition projects, Digicam features the camouflage pattern popularized by the military, over a durable black or white acrylic core. Digicam is available in Pink/Black, Desert Storm/Black, Green/White, and Standard Issue/ White. With Digicam, Rowmark adds yet another creative option to the Lasermax product line, perfect for your next award, recognition, and signage project!

1/16" LaserMax

New Rowmark MetalGraph Plus Colors

New MetalGraph Plus

Johnson Plastics has added new products to the Rowmark MetalGraph Plus product line: Brushed Antique Gold/Gold and Brushed Stainless Steel/Silver! These additions are based on a growing demand for outdoor weatherable metallic cut-outs and sheet materials with the same cap and core color, eliminating the need to paint the sheet edges for color consistency. MetalGraph Plus has become the cost effective, lightweight alternative for fabricating vector cut-out letters in place of real metal, brass, or stainless steel. Unlike other heavier, thicker materials, MetalGraph Plus can also be easily cut with a CO2 laser or other comparable engraving equipment. Its UV stable, outdoor weatherable, scratch and oxidation resistant, as well as significantly more lightweight than its real metal counterparts. Ideal for interior and exterior signage, Metalgraph Plus is now available in more convenient options than ever!

Metal Graph Plus

New Rowmark Heavy Weights Colors

Rowmark Heavy Weights

Johnson Plastics has added a variety of new products to the Rowmark Heavy Weights line! First, we’ve added Yellow/Black/Yellow, a color popularly used in high traffic areas. We’ve also added Brown/White/Brown and Green/White/Green in a 1/4" thickness. These additions are in response to the increasing demand for materials and color options for outdoor sign-making, marine, and recreational applications. Rowmark offers the Heavy Weights as a tough, thick gauge, engravable plastic, designed to withstand the harshest outdoor elements. These textured 3-ply polymer sheets are available in a bright palette of primary color combinations and are ideal for exterior signage where weather is a factor. Perfect for resorts, campgrounds, pools, spas, or marinas, Heavy Weights are specifically engineered for routing and rotary engraving, and are now available in more colors and thicknesses than ever!

Rowmark Heavy Weights

New Rowmark ColorHues Colors

ColorHues Translucents

Johnson Plastics has added ten new colors to the Rowmark ColorHues product line! These new products include three translucent colors with gloss on both sides (Flamingo, Lemon Zest, Citron), one translucent color with matte on one side and gloss on the other (Smoke), and six opaque colors with matte on one side and gloss on the other (Crème Brule, Luxe Blue, Mango, Pomegranate, Citronella, Envy). These additions are in response to the continued popularity of ColorHues and its increased use in tactile and ADA compliant sign-making, POP projects, gift applications, and more. This single-ply decorative material, with brilliant shades of color in translucent and opaque hues, provides the benefits of glass in a lightweight, scratch resistant material, and is now available in more colors than ever!

Rowmark ColorHues

New Rowmark ADA Alternative Colors

ADA Deep Bronze

Johnson Plastics has added new Rowmark ADA Alternative products: Deep Bronze, Medium Brown, Candlewick and Orange! ADA Alternative has quickly become one of Rowmark's most popular product lines, and demand continues to rise with the growth of the tactile and ADA signage market. We're now proud to offer over 40 color options to provide customers with more ways than ever to enhance their ADA compliant sign-making projects. Specifically engineered to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act, Rowmark’s ADA Alternative line is UV stable, outdoor weatherable, as well as laser and rotary engravable. The proven choice for designers and architects for more than a decade is now available in more colors than ever!

Rowmark ADA Alternative

Cermark 6060 Paste (A Water-Soluble Product)

Cermark 6060 Metal Marking Solution

CerMark 6060 Paste is a next generation product that offers improved performance over previous CerMark metal marking products. A water based formula, CerMark 6060 Paste creates a rich, black color when laser engraved on to a wide variety of metals. It will not stain metals when applied and dries hard to the touch. CerMark 6060 Paste has been durability tested to meet or exceed previous CerMark products, and is recommended for applications that require extremely durable, high contrast marks on a metal. This product can be used with bronze, brass, stainless steel, tool steel, chrome, pewter, titanium, and aircraft grade aluminum!


EZ Bit Engraving Inserts

Ez Bits

Johnson Plastics is pleased to add new accessories for the JP EZ Bit Holder, which is available in either 11/64 x 6” or ¼ x 6” shank diameter. We now carry a “Cut Out Letter” cutting attachment for cutting out pictograms and characters for ADA signage with either sized holder. In addition, we’ve added Parallel Cutters in either .060 or .090 tip width, perfect for producing cuts with a straight edge. Finally, we’ve added a variety of standard engraving cutter sizes for the EZ Bit Holder, ranging from .005 to .090 on the ¼” Holder and .005 to .060 on the 11/64” Holder. The JP EZ Bit Holder is ideal for making ADA Signage because it is specifically designed to receive a braille dot bit used for drilling braille dot holes. An allen wrench is included with each size holder for adjusting the bit. With these new cutter attachments, the JP EZ Bit Holder is now more useful than ever for engraving ADA Signage!

1/4 Holders and Bits 11/64 Holders and Bits

Rowmark Fisso Mounting Fixtures

Fisso Mounts

Rowmark Fisso line creates many opportunities to make unique signage! Clamper mounting fixtures are sleek, contemporary stand-offs that don’t require drilling when applying, and also accept a wide range of material thicknesses for secure mounting. Ghost fasteners are the hidden support systems fastened to the back of signs and displays, also achieving a clean look without drilling. Punto fixtures are unique mounting components for presenting your flag and ceiling signage while seamlessly supporting their edges against the wall. Steel stand-offs are an excellent choice for your industrial and outdoor projects, with a high durability and corrosion resistance, a low sleek profile, plus an integrated stand-off cap. UniPlus is a panel support system for wall, ceiling, or flag mounted signage that blends style and function. Outdoor weatherable and featuring a locking set screw; they are durable and tamper resistant. A small hole is required to be drilled in the substrate when applying.

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IPI DirectPrint

IPI DirectPrint

We’re pleased to be carrying I.P.I.’s DirectPrint Metallics Plus aluminum substrate and JP’s engravable DirectPrint Plastic for UV / UV-LED Printers. They’re both scratch and weather resistant, UV stable for two years, and optimized to accept UV & UV LED inks without adhesion promoters. These DirectPrint materials are suitable for indoor and outdoor signage, as well as badges, tags, plates, and labels!

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Rowmark FusionGrafix

Fusion Grafix

Johnson Plastics is proud to introduce Rowmark FusionGrafix, a designer inspired product line that puts the customer in control! By combining various graphic patterns over a color capped, durable acrylic core, this revolutionary engraving sheet combines a UV stable "grafix" pattern with popular color options. Interior and exterior grade, FusionGrafix is available in 1/16” thickness, with a two-ply, semi-gloss finish. Use the sample product fan by sliding the patterns over solid colors to visualize possible finished products. Choose one of the five major patterns available and select one of the 21 trending colors, or nine metallic finishes, to create your custom combination! With an entirely unique graphic appearance, FusionGrafix is specifically designed to help you capture business outside the typical signage and awards marketplace. Take your signage to the next level!

Rowmark Fusion Grafix

Rowmark Hardwood

Rowmark Hardwood

Johnson Plastics is proud to introduce the Rowmark Hardwood Collection! Reach new market segments and exponentially grow sales with this line of all natural, quality constructed laserable wood substrates. Masterfully constructed of superior, high quality hardwood layers that are laserable on both sides, the Hardwood Collection is available in 1/8" and ¼" thicknesses in sheet stock sizes of 12” by 24” and 18” by 24”. This material is not sealed or lacquered, allowing users to stain it themselves to the desired finish. In response to feedback saying available laserable wood materials were not adequate to meet customers’ fabrication needs, this collection of Oak, Maple, Walnut, and Cherry substrates is designed to meet the desire for custom architectural, craft, and artistry applications. Create a distinctive impression by using Rowmark Hardwood Collection for your next custom laser job and experience the difference all natural material can make!

Rowmark Hardwood

Rowmark UltraGrave

Rowmark's UltraGrave

Rowmark’s new Ultragrave is already being called the "ultimate engraving sheet", and for good reason! This engraving material can be used on laser or rotary machines, is UV stable, is very versatile, and has an ultra-thin cap over a tough acrylic core, allowing for finely detailed engraving. It is available in a matte non-glare and a soft satin grain finish, making it equally suited for a wide range of applications, including the production of interior, exterior, and industrial signage. We’re stocking it in standard 24" x 48" sheets and in .010", .020", and 1/16" thicknesses. Rowmark is also stepping up their available colors by offering a selection of 38 contemporary options, as well as the possibility of color matching. This should open new opportunities for our customers, where matching a color and surface finish may have been a challenge in the past. Please allow a 4-6 week delivery time and minimum sheet runs for Pantone color matching for this user-friendly, multi-functional product, in order to meet specific designer requests.


New LaserMAX Colors from Rowmark


Rowmark has announced new additions to the LaserMax line, the following colors are now offered standard: Light Blue/White, Brushed Bronze/White, and Brushed Bronze/Black. Both Bronze/White and Bronze/Black are also available with LaserMax’s NoMark Plus finish.


New Colors for Rowmark ADA Alternative & Color Hues


Rowmark has announced exciting new additions to the ADA Alternative Applique and Substrate and ColorHues product lines. After closely monitoring color trends, attaining data from the Color Marketing Group, and consulting the interior design industry, they have come up with new color combinations that fall in line with current specifications and designer demand. The seven new colors added to the popular ADA Alternative line are Bordeaux, Passion Pink, Grass Green, Teal, Maui Blue, Silver Gray, and Copper! The six new colors added to the ColorHues product line are Scarlet, Emerald, Cobalt, Storm Grey, Bisque, and Cocoa!

ADA ColorHues

EZ Bit Holder

EZ Bit Holder

JP’s EZ Bit Holder is meant for making ADA Signage with a new stainless steel bored cutter-like holder, and is specifically designed to receive a braille dot bit used for drilling braille dot holes. The holder comes in 2 sizes: 11/64" x 6" and 1/4" x 6", in order to fit standard engraving machine spindles. An allen wrench is included with each size holder for adjusting the bit.

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Magnetique Acrylic Award

Acrylic Award

The Wave and Peak Magnetique Acrylic Awards are semi-transparent, compact, and made from quality acrylic. This customizable, laserable award comes with red, blue, and green edges. They feature a professional-looking magnetic base and include quantity discounts when you buy in bulk. The Peak features a stately, arrowhead point. The Wave has an elegant shape that is sure to bring plenty of character to your custom award.

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Circular Focus Series Acrylic Art Plaque Awards

Circular Focus Series Acrylic Art Plaque

These distinctive, circular awards come in a mountable form with their own easel and hanger back, or in a standing version that includes an iron stand. Both types come in three different sizes. The hanging and standing versions come in various color options, like Gold/ Blue, Gold/ Burgundy, and Autumn Harvest. Made from quality acrylic with layered textures visible through its vibrant colors, these laserable awards are sure to make a unique impression. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy in bulk.

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Rectangular Focus Series Acrylic Art Plaque Awards

Rectangular Focus Series Acrylic Art Plaque

These rectangular award plaques come in a mountable form with their own easel and hanger back, or in a standing version that includes an iron stand. The mountable version comes in three different sizes and the standing version comes in one size. The hanging and standing versions come in various styles, like Gold/ Blue, Gold/ Burgundy, Blue Art, and Autumn Harvest. Also, a Starter Kit is available that includes each of these styles in mountable form. Constructed from quality acrylic and featuring creative designs, these distinctive awards would look at home either amongst other framed art or left to accent their own space. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy in bulk.

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Focus Series Art Plaque Plates

Focus Plaque Plates

The Focus Series Art Plaque Plates are thin, customizable, laserable panels that can be customized to achieve a professional look. They come in a variety of styles, including Gold/ Blue, Gold/ Burgundy, Blue Art, and Autumn Harvest. Made from quality acrylic with layered textures visible through its vibrant colors, your finished product is sure to make a unique impression. All styles are available in three different sizes. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy in bulk.

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Recognition Pocket Perpetual Plaques

Recognition Plaque

Keep adding lasered magnetic plates over time to these unique perpetual plaques for long-lasting product value. These magnetic plates laser gold and allow for perfect alignment every time without the need for screws. They’re easy to remove too-- just push on one side and the plate pops out. These Walnut Veneer Plaques come in two different sizes, with one holding 12 plates and the other holding 24 plates, with two different size headers. Replacement black plates are available, as well as replacement headers for both size plaques. Enjoy a quantity discount when you buy in bulk.

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Seklema Multi Mat

The best engraving table mat available

Seklema is a 2-sided self healing material designed to hold materials on your engraving table without the use of table tapes or jigs. Skelema works with metal and plastic engraving stock as well as many other materials. Re-usable time and time again, it can easily be cleaned with only a soft sponge and water.

Seklema is available in several sheet sizes, 24" X 48", 24" X 24", 12" X 24", and 12" X 12".

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DigiMark OSi

Printable plastic of the future

Due to customer interest in the digital printing market, Rowmark has developed a product that is called DigiMark OSi, a print receptive acrylic sheet material. It is used only with UV/UV-LED digital printers. Rowmark’s DigiMark material increases print receptive capabilities while eliminating the need to apply bonding agents for ink adherence.

DigiMark sheet size is 12" X 18" and it is available as a monolithic white or clear, or 2 ply brushed stainless, nickel, copper, or gold with a black core and also white with a red, blue, green or black core. With the 2 ply products after digital printing colored graphics, engraving of names or room identification is possible.

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JRS Environmentals

JRS Environmentals are a new line of desk and door holders. These holders are manufactured to exacting standards for workmanship and quality from a special recycled aluminum billet. They are available in 3 anodized finishes, satin silver, etch black and satin yellow gold. See our website for more information on this new line of products.

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DuraBlack a CO2 laser markable aluminum for durable on-demand marking for harsh operating environments. It meets the performance requirements of MIL-STD-130 and MIL-DTL-15024F for resistance to weather/sunliught, abrasion , high temperature, salt spray and fluid/chemical exposure. Great for bar coding and exterior tag/label identification.

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Fat Mat

Fat Mat is an economical hold down mat for your engraving table. No slip, no slide Fat Mat secures flat non-porous materials such as plastic, brass, acrylic, marble, aluminum on engraving or lasering tables during the engraving process. Fat Mat is tape-less, clamp-less, and vacuum-less way to hold down your work. A single sided product is comes in sheets 12" X 12" and 12" X 24".

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Ribbon Pink by Rowmark

Rowmarks introduces new Pink Ribbon, a color frequently requested for use with breast cancer fund raisers. It is available in the Mattes and LaserMax lines with both a black or white core. It is also in the LaserMark line as a reverse product.

Mattes LaserMax LaserMark

ColorHues by Rowmark

ColorHues by Rowmark, a newly introduced line, is a cell cast acrylic, single –ply decorative sheet material with brilliant shades of color, offered in translucent and opaque hues, and is suited as a signage component or substrate. It provides the benefits of glass in a lightweight scratch resistant material.. ColorHues are available in 19 color options in an 1/8" thickness. The clear is also available in both 1/8" and 1/4" thickness.

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Rowmark's LaserMax in 10 New Colors

Rowmark’s LaserMax in 10 new colors. LaserMax is very popular due to its durable matte finish, enhanced heat tolerance and UV stability in most colors.

Sapphire/White - White/Burgundy - White/Bright Green - White/Pine Green - Ivory/Dark Brown - Light Grey/Burgundy - Light Grey/Marine Blue - Light Grey/Black - Medium Brown/White - Dark Brown/White - 3-ply Black/White

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Rowmark's Metalgraph Plus+

Rowmark’s Metalgraph Plus+, the first metallic engraving laminate engineered for exterior use. Moisture-resistant with a sub-surface brush finish for superior protection.

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IPI's Laser Tufftex

Complement to the "LaserTuff" line. Versatile, extremely flat 2 ply, 1/16" industrial grade laserable material. Available in most popular colors, it is outdoor and UV stable and has a slightly bumpy surface.

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Five New Colors for AlumaMark

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue join the popular Gold, Silver, Bronze and Brass AlumaMark line. AlumaMark creates deep black graphics on lustrous colored real aluminum backgrounds when lasered.

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JRS "Prestige Collection"

JRS "Prestige Collection" of architectural sign supports. A simple yet classic way to attach signage while maintaining a high degree of sophistication. Available in Aluminum and Brass in a variety of lengths and widths.

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JRS "Flex Frames"

JRS "Flex Frames" are tamper-resistant, attractive, functional, flexible and great for interior applications. The new "Coherent Window Series" is fabricated from anodized aluminum with a styrene backer and clear matte lens to create a simple and economical frame system for inserts from paper to 1/16" material. In Satin Silver, Polished Silver, Matte Black, Polished Yellow Gold and Polished Rose Gold.

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GravaDrill for ADA Signage

GravaDrill for ADA signage for the Edgerton method of Braille dots, hole drilling and perpetual plaque screw holes. Product consists of the tool holder, drill bits and a wrench for opening and closing the tool holder. Fits any 11/64" or 1/4" long shank engraving or routing machine spindle.

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Whitney Hole Punch No. 5 Jr.

Whitney No. 5 Jr. heavy duty punch exerts up to 2400 pounds of punching power by hand. It comes in a handy carrying case with seven round punches and dies.

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LAZRCLEAN is a 100% natural, biodegradable, all purpose cleaning solution made with raw materials derived from blends of soy and corn with our own state of the art surfactant in a water-based solution. lt contains absolutely no solvents, kerosene, phosphates nor any other harmful toxins.

LAZRCLEAN has been tested successfully to clean laser engraving machines and their parts, interior, and exterior; also great for cleaning rotary engraving machines. LAZRCLEAN has also been tested successfully on many post-cleaning processes of laser engraved materials.... especially the residue after lasering wood, sticky edges on lasered plastic, the cleanup necessary when making rubber stamps with your laser (especially polymer residue) and the polishing of acrylics, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, marble, etc ,etc. ..after lasering or just general cleaning.

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IPI’s Laser MetallicBrush

Laser MetallicBrush brings the dazzling finish and elegant look of precious metal through a reverse laserable version of two ‘all time’ industry favorites…Brushed Gold and Brushed Aluminum according to IPI. Available in a 1/16" material with either a gloss or matte finish, this highly reflective product brings a burst of brilliance while eliminating many of the problems of the front engravable Golds and Silvers.

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Rowmark Introduces PaintPlus

Rowmark now offers custom color blended paints for sub surface applications. These unique acrylic non-toxic paints match both Rowmark’s popular ADA Alternative and UltraMattes product lines plus the safety colors in the SafeTMark line. Available in 2 and 8oz individual bottles or in kits.

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JRS Xterior Frames for Outdoor Applications

JRS Frame Company now offers an Xterior frame for outdoor applications. Precision mitered from a premium aluminum alloy it is available in two ‘Hard Coated’ anodized colors, Satin Yellow Gold and Satin Silver. Each frame is hand assembled utilizing stamped stainless steel corner angles. The frames accommodate materials with thicknesses of 1/16" to 5/16". The minimum production size of this product is 3" X 3" and maximum size is 36" X 36".

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Rowmark’s Contemporary Woods Collection

The Contemporary Woods Collection puts a modern twist on traditional woodgrains. Engineered to match today’s popular designer wood patterns they are UV stable, outdoor weartherable and laser engravable. Available in 1/16" thickness in nine color combinations. They are the perfect sign-making material for any design project.

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Economical Dimensional Design Mounts from Rowmark

Rowmark has added an economical new stand-off to their signage system line. The new Dimensional Design Mounts offer a comtemporary way to display complete interior signage systems and create eye-catching point-of-purchase displays.

Dimensional Design Mounts are available in three diameters of .50", .625", and .75", and in three colors: Black, Silver and Smooth Silver. They are sold in sets of four with drywall anchors and easy installation instructions.

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Portico Plastic Poly Sign Frames From Rowmark

Designed to be lightweight and durable, the new Portico Poly Frames provide a clean finished look with no raw edges or visible mounting methods. Each frame features Rowmark unique "Snap Lock" technology with pressure sensitive adhesive tabs to hold signs securely in place. Sign inserts are easily changed and frames can be quickly removed for painting or relocation. The Portico frames come with round or square corners in as variety of colors and sizes.

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Alder Wood Frames

A great new product that can turn memories into treasures with a laser engraver. The alder wood photo frames come in three sizes, 7" x 9", 8" x 10" and 11" x 13" and can be uniquely decorated using our colored laser foil. Create unique, elegant and throughtful personalized gifts with this product.

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Super Durable Laser Tuff from IPI

Johnson Plastics has announced the addition of IPI's super durable LaserTuff laser engraving material. This new product features a top color surface produced from a unique 100% acrylic polymer that is .003 thick as opposed to the normal .001 foil top surfaces currently produced in the industry. LaserTuff is perfect for signage, labeling and personalization applications requiring long-lasting durability, impact capability, fade resistance and cleanablility. It resists fading from heat, cold, rain, snow, sun, fluorescent lighting and UV radiation.

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