Live Group Training

Join Johnson Plastics during our Open House and Sublimation Workshop in Phoenix, AZ

Open House Day

Thursday February 12th, 2015 (10 AM to 3 PM MST) Registration Not Required

The open house is free to all current customers and those wanting to find out a bit more about sublimation.

Sublimation Workshop Day

Friday February 13th, 2015 (10 AM to 3 PM MST) Registration Required

If you are considering your own sublimation business or just want to learn more about sublimation, consider signing up for our Sublimation Workshop.

This workshop will give you hands-on experience and you will sublimate several items from start to finish.

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop including the design software.

Topics covered during Workshop:

  1. What is Sublimation
  2. Equipment (Printers and presses)
  3. Color corrections/matching
  4. Installing/using print drivers
  5. Using templates
  6. Hard to sublimate (aluminum, apparel)
  7. Sublimate your 2-4 items (mug, t-shirt, mouse pad, etc.)

The cost of the one day event is $75, which includes all class materials, continental breakfast and box lunch, a sample packet of sublimatable products and a coupon good for $75 off your next order of $250 or more with Johnson Plastics.

Class size is limited to 16 people, so don’t delay. These classes sell out quickly.

Featured presenters include Kevin Lumberg, Sublimation Sales Manager for JP and Kyle Hinton, AZ Branch Manager and Sublimation Professional.

Kevin is a frequent contributor to the trade publications, and Kyle attends over 10 trade shows per year where he instructs, answers questions and helps both new and experienced sublimators.

To Register for the Sublimation Workshop Day Visit