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Varga Saw

The Varga Circular Saws are a true safety saw, free of hazards, accurate, and cuts to achieve consistent results. They may be used to cut almost every type of plastic engraving stock, including Micro-Thin ABS, Impact Acrylic Laminates, Clear Acrylics, Formica, Cut Aluminum, Brass and other non-ferrous metals. The bar stop guide and detailed inch scale make setup easy. Designed with safety in mind, the Varga saw blade is completely enclosed, and most chips are cleanly deposited in the collection bag.


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  1. Item # VAG500
    JP Dripcool 500ml Cutting Fluid for Varga Saw
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  2. Item # VA5
    Stop Guide w/Micro Adjust for Varga VA10/VA1 Saw
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  3. Item # VA2115LC
    Lift Cable For Varga VA2115 Handle Extension
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  4. Item # VABRUSH
    Carbon Motor Brush for All Varga Saws
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  5. Item # VASSP
    Plastic Slide Shoe for Varga Saw
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  6. Item # VA10
    The Varga Model VA-10 is the base model and is the right saw for most applications. It offers a cutting width of 24.5” (620mm) and a maximum cutting thickness of .250 (6.3mm). This model comes standard with a 13” side measuring scale and a deluxe 8 ½” stop bar for exact repeat cuts every time.
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  7. Item # VA11
    The Varga Model VA-11 offers a 26.5” (673mm) cutting width, and more than twice the cutting thickness of the VA-10 at .600 (15mm). Additionally the VA-11 comes with enhanced measuring (up to 24 ½”) and stop guide devices, and a rest bar for long material.
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  8. Item # VA2115
    The Varga Model V2115 the “top of the line” has the longest maximum cut of any saw in its class at 41” (1040mm), and a .600” (15mm) cutting thickness. This model has all the measuring guides and stops, and of course the heavy duty 500 watt motor with variable speed control.
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  9. Item # VA11MTR
    500W/110V Replacement Motor for Varga VA11/VA2115 Saw
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  10. Item # VA2BL
    Varga VA2 Carbide Tipped Beveller Blade
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Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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